Verney Road, Winslow, Buckinghamshire MK18 3BL

01296 711380

Furze Down School

A Specialist School for Communication and Interaction



School Uniform

The school seeks to promote a spirit of identity and community cohesion through the wearing of a uniform which is affordable and widely available.

Our uniform consists of a white shirt or polo top, black or dark-grey trousers, shorts or skirt; with the option of a summer dress in blue check when the weather allows. 


School Logo items

All pupils have the choice of either a blue sweatshirt with the school logo, or a blue fleece with the school logo.

For PE, students are required to wear black shorts or tracksuit bottoms (or similar) with a royal blue polo shirt with the school logo.

Post 16 Students are expected to wear smart, ‘work wear’, for example, black trousers and jumper or jacket, with a white shirt.


Order Form

All School logo items are available to order from the school and an order form is below, please click on the link if required.